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Tracking daily items on Yearly Calender

This is the 2nd year I have DIYFish's yearly Calender. I have printed it with the months on front and back (both inside pages if you print according to directions). 
The first is used to keep track of what meds I have taken each day. Helps track when I needed migraine medicine, days I took extra allergy meds, vitamins, prescriptions, etc. 

The second way I use this calendar is to track miles done, how many steps for the day, workout video, etc. 

Using this format for these purposes has helped show trends and show what goals I have met and where I can do better.  Great way to see each month individually without flipping lots of pages and being able to track multiple items within a category. 

For each category I use the colors on my tropical 4-in-1 Bic pen and my favorite mechanical pencil, ReAction by Bic with 0.7 lead.