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Now I can let the cat out of the bag...

The Spunky Diva has it's first 'official' sponsor; The Fat Quarter Shop.  I am super excited to have this wonderful company on board.  They will be providing the material I use for a series of posts using the Accuquilt's GO! Baby fabric cutter.  The Fat Quarter Shop is my favorite go-to site to check out what is coming out.  I find {and think you will to} that their website is very easy to navigate, and it is easy to find more items in a collection with their clear 'categories'.

Go! Baby Accuquilt Giveaway at QuiltStory

Here is a current Accuquilt GO! Baby giveaway.  Plus… If you aren’t already a fan {or GFC} follower of QuiltStory… what are you waiting for?  They have a delightful link-up party each Tuesday, called Fabric Tuesday, have a Block Tutorial Link-up list going, and share some of the must delightful quilts ever!{photo credit: Quilt Story}QuiltStory’s Accuquilt GO! Baby giveaway closes May 4th.

Giveaway; Embellishments, hand-made and Store-Bought

Do you want to win these:Then run {or hop as in ‘blog hop’} over to Cindy’s delightful blog, Whimsical Musings, to enter.

Lapel Stick Giveaway at Leona’s

Leona is hosting a giveaway for Lapel Stick at her blog; Leona’s Quilting Adventure.  She has four sticks to giveaway, and is going to choose four winners!  Lapel Sticks are used to temporarily stick fabrics together for sewing or a quick mend on-the-go.  They promise it won’t gum up your needles when used to help you sew a project, and they are non-toxic and acid-free too!  Leona put the Lapel Stick to the test, and found their claims to be true about not gumming up her needles while it did a stellar job securing her fabric layers together.  Head on over to her blog to enter for your chance to win one of these helpful, useful Lapel Sticks!

Ratings Graphics ~ Pink Trophies

I created these Ratings Graphics using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0. Feel free to use these graphics on your site to rate products, books, etc. Please do not sell, or claim credit.  The link below will take you to the Photobucket Album hosting these files.  Enjoy! 
{Click here to download.}

Five Question Friday ~ 4/29/2011

1. If you could buy any car, money not an option, what would it be?  I just love my Tahoe.  I would like a new one with all the bells and whistles though.  Bluetooth and navigation systems are wonderful inventions!2. What was your worst first date ever?  Very happy to say I have not had a bad first date.  Lucky, I know, and I don’t mind rubbing it in, LOL!3. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?  Early twenties.  Crushes… of course I had those as a pre-teen.  Any boy that like horses was fair game!4. When was the last time you reconciled your checkbook?  I don’t, Mr. SD handles that {thank God!}.5. If you were going to fashion a "Wanted" Ad for a best friend, how would you word it?  Honesty a must-have, sees the funny side of things, dysfunctional {Hey no one is perfect, but if they admit that you know what to expect.}, must love movies and books, spending hours in Joann’s optional, spending hours at a mall is a no-go.~ A Mommy Moment ~Took the Ms. Diva …

Make~A~Wish Happen

April 29th is World Wish Day.

What wish can you help make come true? I was not compensated or endorsed by the Make-A-Wish Foundation in any way.  I am simply posting to share what this amazing organization accomplishes everyday.

Mug Rug Swap 4 - My Mosiac to inspire...

This is the mosiac I created to share with my secret partner what I love in a Mug Rug. I have say that looking at my secret partner's mosiac has given me lots of ideas on what to create for her!

1. Butterfly Quilt Square, 2. IMG_2172, 3. Butterly quilt 3, 4. butterfly quilt square one, 5. Butterfly quilt for Karen, 6. Butterfly Quilt, 7. purple machine mug rug2, 8. Mini QT swap sent to Amycranedesigns, 9. mug rug back, 10. 01-20-2011, 11. Front of Mug Rug for swap, 12. Reverse Applique Mug Rug, 13. Mug Rug #2 Pick please, 14. Mug Rug Swap 3 (finished), 15. another tiny work :)!! 16. Rug Two, 17. Scrappy Mug Rug Swap 3, 18. Day 17: Mug Rug Binding, 19. LOVE!, 20. Scrappy Mug Rug 3 Front, 21. Mug Rug Received, 22. Union Jack Mug/Mini Rug, 23. Scrappy M*gR*g Swap 3 Feb 2011, 24. Mug Rug em Log Cabin, 25. snack attack 3

Ms. Diva’s Ayano finished {almost}

I still need to run the inside seams through the serger and add the button, but otherwise it is finished!  Can’t wait to try it on Ms. Diva and get pictures.

Doggie Ice Cubes

As the heat of the summer approaches, I thought I would share this thrifty way to make ice cubes for our canine friends.  And so the first ever Doggie Edition post commences…The thrifty part of this is the reuse of yogurt containers as the ice cube maker.  Now… make sure you use yogurt containers that are larger at the top than the bottom.  Obviously this prerequisite eliminated using the standard Yoplait containers, LOL!  But you can use these new ‘GREEK’ Yoplait yogurt containers.  Ms. Diva’s would like to point out that her favorite crackers/pretzels are present in the background.Here is a close-up of the packaging {a little plug for 2x protein yogurt}.  PS~This is not my favorite yogurt by any means.  Another thrifty concept: the HEB brand costs $0.20 less than the Yoplait brand.  One more reason to buy the store brand over the brand name.I wash the cups out with soap, and then fill them up to about 75% full.  Stick them in the freezer overnight, and in the morning you will have….…

Block 4–P2 Quilt-Along

And the Winner is… {$15 Amazon GC}

With 100 comments to pick from {boy am I glad I have numbered comments, LOL!} choose…...Drumroll please…Number 59; 59 Vicky said... Tweeted:!/celeste576012/status/57932790917906432Congrats Vicky!

Wednesday Weigh~In, 4/27/2011

Last Week:  175 lbs; This Week: 173.5 lbsSince January: 26.5 lbs {mostly baby weight, literally}Target Weight: 140 lbs; So… 33.5 pounds still to go!I haven’t gotten any cardio work-outs in since last weigh-in.  The only reason I lost the 1.5 lbs is because I have been doing really well watching my portions, and not eating/drinking anything but water after 6:00 p.m. {or so}.  That has really made a difference.I have been taking a pre-cooked frozen chicken breast and frozen peas to work for lunch.  I separate the chicken breasts into individual zip-locks, and I put 1cup of peas in a separate zip-lock.  Then in the morning I just have to grab one of each on the way out the door.  Easy, and about as automated as you can get.My other ‘cheat’ is getting flavored seltzer water from HEB.  Their store brand is wonderfully flavored with 0 Calories, Caffeine Free, and Sodium Free.  This really helps with the afternoon pop/coke cravings.What have you been doing to keep on-track?

Ratings Graphics

I created these Ratings Graphics using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0.  Feel free to use these graphics on your site for your use.  Please do not sell, or claim credit.  Simply click on image, and 'Save Picture As...'

Block 5–P2 Quilt-Along

Week 4 – Fourth InningI think this block is the one I am most likely to recut and resew.  Not sure what went ‘wrong’, but almost every seam has a wave or bow to it.  It does measure the correct finished size, and I did only used the seam ripper to undo one seam.  But…  We will just have to wait and see how much time and material I have left at the end, and whether this block still bugs me when I pull it back out to put the quilt together.  My goal with this quilt-along is to finish, not have the perfect quilt.Here are a couple of my favorites that have been posted to the P2 Quilt-Along Flickr Group:Daisies Fourth Inning by Pink for Me; Teal and Green Fourth Inning by Nanners; and Orange/Teal/Green Fourth Inning by Nurseli4Aiden {just a few of my favs}

Easter pictures ~ 4/2011

Baby Diva all aloneLook… a bow.Newest addition to the hand-me-down pile.  Never to be worn by one of these ‘Divas’ again.Ms. Diva prepping with Mr. SD.Quick, Ms. Diva needs a flower bow to match.  This was the only purple flower I had in the house.Bow disaster averted.Priorities re-established.One ham, one ‘boy… that was bright’‘Are you sure you should be in the picture with me?’ Ms. Diva to Baby Diva.Let’s both look down!Hand nab maneuver completed, Captain.Happy Easter!