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Doggie Ice Cubes

As the heat of the summer approaches, I thought I would share this thrifty way to make ice cubes for our canine friends.  And so the first ever Doggie Edition post commences…


The thrifty part of this is the reuse of yogurt containers as the ice cube maker.  Now… make sure you use yogurt containers that are larger at the top than the bottom.  Obviously this prerequisite eliminated using the standard Yoplait containers, LOL! 

But you can use these new ‘GREEK’ Yoplait yogurt containers.  Ms. Diva’s would like to point out that her favorite crackers/pretzels are present in the background.

Here is a close-up of the packaging {a little plug for 2x protein yogurt}.  PS~This is not my favorite yogurt by any means.  Another thrifty concept: the HEB brand costs $0.20 less than the Yoplait brand.  One more reason to buy the store brand over the brand name.

I wash the cups out with soap, and then fill them up to about 75% full.  Stick them in the freezer overnight, and in the morning you will have…. Doggie Ice Cubes!

Stand back, and let your canine friend enjoy.

Don’t trip on any little helpers that are trying to convince you they need more of their favorite crackers.


  1. Oooooooh you have a Shep... I really want one. Doing the whole RV life having a guard dog is so important. We'll be getting a bigger dog with the next rig and Sheps are on the top of the list. You little one is so cute - I want that hair color... I wonder if they make it in a bottle?


  2. He has one of the best coats ever, here is a better photo of him; . He adores his ice cubes.
    PS - I love her hair color too, to bad it will be getting darker as she gets older.

  3. i have two shepherds! ;0 love them. best breed ever!!

  4. I have two small dogs, who are afraid of ice cubes. But I did have a dog that liked to carry them around.

    BTW, I know that shepherds are prone to hip probs (apparently shih tzus are, too). I take my shih tzu to our doggie chiropractor (at the vet's office.) FYI, if you ever need one...I hope you don't.


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