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I am on a cleaning spree!

I recently upgraded to the 4g iPhone, and of course am loving it!  After having everyone else's hand me down iPhones it is very nice to have my very own new one.  As part of my new phone spree, I decided to see what new task manager programs had come out, and if they had one for a weekly cleaning list.  One that has come out since my last investigation into cleaning lists is Home Routines

I am soooooo in love with this application!!!!!

It is why I have been mostly MIA for the last couple weeks.  With Ms. Diva crawling everywhere, Mr. SD working longer hours, and Ms. T coming in January, I have really been wanting to stop the procrastinating and get a handle on the household mess.  A major factor in this is the two large dogs we have (think constant shedding) and Ms. Diva normally looking like I am using her to mop up all the dog hair.  Gross!!!

So... I downloaded this app, it cost something like $5, and I started modifying the daily lists and the room lists.  I have actually been doing pretty darn good in getting done the daily lists done.  And have actually been getting them done daily, LOL!  A really neat resource with this program is the site for Home Routines run by Rosie.  She has linked up to, a great resource to help you get started getting a handle on the housework.  Of course as usual I didn't read Rosie's whole blurb about starting off slow with the FlyLady's BabySteps program.

I now have a clean bedroom closet, I have almost all of my weekly Saturday chores already completed, and the laundry is even caught up!  I feel like superwoman!  Here are some pictures of the clean closet (still clean a week after the major clean-up).

Let's start with a picture of the pile of clothes that came out of the closet.  All stuff I haven't worn in the past several years, and stuff that hasn't fit since my early skinny twenties.  You will notice I haven't gotten very far in sorting out this pile, LOL!

And a picture of the still clean and organized closet...

I really need to figure out a better Sheet box, but haven't found the right container yet, LOL!  I keep my packing supplies for my Etsy stock in the plastic drawer to keep everything handy.

I also need to get a baseball cap organizer for Mr. SD's collection.

He would also love for me to find something to replace these plastic drawers with.  I use for all our socks and underwear.  They were easy and cheap, but can be a little hard to open and close with them stuffed now that the laundry is all caught up, LOL!

And this concludes the clean closet tour. 

I am going to be posting about my progress, as keeping up with the housework is one of my main goals in the New Year.  Can you believe I am already talking about New Year's resolutions?!?!


  1. I am so not ready for New Year's!!!!!!

  2. Actually, some of what gets smeared on bathroom taps and the top of vanity units is cleaning products: toothpaste and soap. All you need to do to remove this is give it a good rub with a damp flannel or cloth and it comes away easily ...
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  3. s bleach the best cleaning product ever ?? Depends on what you are using it on. It is a sanitizer first and foremost. As for dirt removal, soaps and c

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  4. Ah, cleaning creates a good feeling for me!


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