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Wednesday Weigh~In, 5/11/2011


Today: 172 lbs

Weight Loss To Date: 28 lbs {bye-bye…}

Pounds to Goal {140 lbs}: 32 lbs

A pound is good… for as little as I am doing, LOL!  At least this week I can laugh at it.  Before you have kids you totally don’t understand what ‘having’ kids does to your time, your goals, and your body.  Nothing ‘you’ have is ‘yours’.  It is all about community property, and I wouldn’t trade if for anything.

My goal for this next week is to renew my no food after 6 pm vow.  I was ‘sneaking’ stuff after that and during the night.  Ms. Diva has discovered Vanilla Wafers, and just adores them.  Well… her mama adores them too.  So, xnay on the wafers this coming week.  I can have two with dinner {if it is before 6 p.m.} and only if I am going to waste away to ‘nothing’ if I don’t have them.  Isn’t the point of this whole weight loss ‘thang’ to waste away?  At least to my healthy goal weight?  Something to think about there…

Tuesday’s Tip was How to throw out used sewing needles.

In case you missed them… Friday’s Fab Five were…


  1. You go girl!!!! I love your comment about nothing is yours when you have kids. You are so right my friend.

  2. I've been so bad. I fall off the boat so often. =( I need more self-control. Sigh.

    Congrats on sticking to it! I'll get motivated one of these days.

  3. Good for you! I enjoy all your posts!

  4. Totally right there with you on that thought!!!

  5. Hi! New follower from blog hop. Following you back from conFRUGAL


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