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Some good Etsy/Artfire resources.

As I have mentioned before, I am looking into going on-line with The Spunky Diva.  I signed up several months ago for a "free" account with Artfire (my shop with one item), but "free" has only so much to offer. 

Thus debate begins: What is the best way to sell my crafts on-line?  While looking into various answers to that question, I have opened several different cans of worms.  But, I have found some helpful items and links that I wanted to share with you here.

Create a banner here at Team Etsy Banner Generator.  There are several color choices.  I created one, saved the picture on my computer, and then uploaded into Artfire.  It worked like a charm (after I tried them all out to see which one I liked best, LOL).  Team Etsy has a lot of good resources to check out and learn from.

While looking into the finance aspect of having an on-line shop I found Mr. JJMFinance.  He is a CPA that started out helping other Etsians with their finances after sorting out his wife's.  Gotta love a supportive hubby!  He has several different "packages" to help you with your on-line shop.  Down loadable forms that you can print as often as you need!  With over 580 positive feedbacks it seems that he would know what he is talking about, LOL!  I haven't yet purchased a package from him, but most likely will before I finish my research.

Cassandra James has an informative article I found through searching with my favorite SwagBucks (link near the bottom of Home Page).  Her article is titled How to make money on Etsy.  She includes tips and tricks that she has used in the two years she has been running her Etsy shop. is a forum site with lots of topics talking about crafts in general and about selling your crafts on-line.
There you have it.  Some more bits of helpful info that I have found while doing my research!

Do you have an on-line shop?  What have you found to be a helpful resource getting it going?


  1. Here from Boost My Blog. Thanks for the tips!

    I'm having a book giveaway that ties in with this post. Check it out if you're interested:

  2. Ahh! The more I read about you, the more I see how much we're alike.

    I have thought about opening an Artfire shop myself... or a shop on a number of other websites I'm interested in too. So what do you think about Artfire vs. Etsy?

    Also, I'm a BIG Swagbucks fan. Use their search engine every day. I'm saving up to buy an Amazon Kindle actually--alllmossst there. I have an account on a website called iRazoo--very similar to Swagbucks. If you're interested, let me know and you can sign up via my referral link. :~)


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