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What would you do with a FREE weekend?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the little Diva getting to be 10 months old now, we are finding out that we have a morning gal on our hands. Not only does she wake up at first light, but... she is full of energy and ready to go! Her only saving grace is that she is so full of giggles and smiles that it is hard to hold it against her, LOL! Still you wonder what it would feel like to sleep till “you” wake up again. We have just four more months before the new baby makes it's arrival (find out the flavor Sept. 15th), and I would love to have a couple nights (and days) to hang out and have some “me” time. Are you with me on this?

What if you could win a free weekend stay? You can! Hampton is running a great sweepstakes that you can enter daily until 9/4/2010. The Grand Prize is an entire hotel for the weekend (100 rooms for 2 nights), and they are also giving away 100 First Prizes for you and three friends! You pick the hotel that is convenient to you, leave the kiddos (maybe just the hubby) at home, and have a fun weekend! Just go to Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes, and remember you can enter every day until 9/4/2010.  The Hampton website is easy to navigate, and has a great hotel search function that I will definitely be using again.

I would love to take a short trip down to San Antonio. I love the River Walk, and always enjoy strolling along checking out the various stores. There is a Hampton Inn right there that would be awesome to stay in too!  Though it would be a little hot right now to completely enjoy the stroll, in October the weather would be fantastic. To be honest though I would probably end up packing Ms. Diva to go along with us. How is that for wanting a weekend without the toddler, LOL?
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