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Pretty in Pink and Some Sparkles too!

A hat for my oldest in ballet pink (red heart yarn she picked) with some silver beads.  No pattern, and ended up running elastic thread through a couple rows to make it more secure on her head for now, until she grows into it some more. Matches a shoulder shrug knitted for her during her year of ballet lessons.
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Knitting Update...

Working through my second 'Howlcat' {pattern by Alex Tinsley}.   This one is in a green and brown combination of wools.  The brown  tweedy  yarn is 100% wool by Lion Brand, and was worked in a p1-k1 for 10 inches. I am loving the green mohair blend {if it only has 10% mohair is it really a blend?}... I am using a modified 'Feather and Fan' stitch - Row 1: k2tog x 3, yo k1 x 6, k2tog x 3, k2 - Row 2: purl.  Stitch markers are every 20 stitches, with a double marker to indicate the 'beginning' of each row.   Started the second section without the Purl row, but the tension was super unstable and you couldn't see the design clearly {pic 1}.  Once the Purl row was added, the design firmed up and you can see the lace design {last pic}.

Spunky Diva Photography is LIVE

I am jumping off the cliff into the world of professional photography.   After working my tush off to learn the full range of what my DSLR can do, and sitting down with several on-line courses, and... practicing over-and-over-and-over... I have started booking sessions.  Check-out images at  That site has a blog feature that is tied into the photography site that I will continue to post updates to. Want to stay in touch?  'Like' /SpunkyDivaPhotography on Facebook. ~Kimberlee

Christmas is coming...

Working through some Christmas items to list on, my Etsy store. I will be taking custom orders through Dec. 1st.  Also, getting back into the swing of things by participating in two craft fairs this holiday season. 

Platter to keep drink glasses straight

Using a platter from Ikea, originally purchased and used to protect the windowsill when growing several baby plants, I used letters left over from making stocking tags.  The guys have been good about keeping their glasses on it, and it keeps my windowsill clear of extra glassware.  Will probably end up buying outdoor letters, because parts of these are wiping off as I wipe off the dish. 

Tracking daily items on Yearly Calender

This is the 2nd year I have DIYFish's yearly Calender. I have printed it with the months on front and back (both inside pages if you print according to directions).  The first is used to keep track of what meds I have taken each day. Helps track when I needed migraine medicine, days I took extra allergy meds, vitamins, prescriptions, etc.  The second way I use this calendar is to track miles done, how many steps for the day, workout video, etc.  Using this format for these purposes has helped show trends and show what goals I have met and where I can do better.  Great way to see each month individually without flipping lots of pages and being able to track multiple items within a category.  For each category I use the colors on my tropical 4-in-1 Bic pen and my favorite mechanical pencil, ReAction by Bic with 0.7 lead. 

Planner Sections

Order in my Palmer (right now) goes like this... Dashboard, wrapped in two verses printed on card stock, Food tracker, 2016 DIYFish yearly calendar for melds tracking,  Weekly (DIYFish Weekly Project) Monthly two-page layouts, Financial Freedom pages, Fitness pages, Project pages (special event planning pages), Church Team pages.  I have a steno pad in the back pocket for the ongoing, never ending to-do list and what purchases are needed for those tasks.  A second stern pad is tucked into the front pocket for me brain dump as I think of things during the day.